The back Rodney Room hallway of the Perkins Student Center always had a bad rap. Students viewed this area as a little-noticed section of the center pushed to the back for passing through when entering the garage or heading to meeting rooms along the corridor. We teamed up with the Student Centers to reinvigorate the space, who added some hightop tables for studying, new floor tile, and fresh paint on the walls. The Egg agency filled in the environmental design component to make the space more spirited and welcoming. 
A simple wall soon became the home of the Student Art Exhibition display, curated by students from The Egg Agency. The focus of this display is student artwork or Registered Student Organization (RSO) or RSO affiliated artwork. We also display the annual winners of our monthly art contest captured on our blog By The Green, a collection of student works in the Artist Space digital library. 

D-E-L-A-W-A-R-E Letter Art Photography Exhibit, by Emily Taylor.

B+ Heroes UDance Exhibition, curated by Lindsay Marrione, Spring 2022.

This B+ Heroes Exhibit promoted the registered student organization UDance which raises money every year to fight childhood cancer. This exhibit went up during their annual UDance Marathon. 

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