Geek Week has become a tradition at the University of Delaware where you can find a variety of events around campus that celebrate your inner geek. Between game tournaments, “geeky” guest speakers, on-campus arcades and more, we know there will be something for you to enjoy! Geek Week 2024 featured guest speaker Giancarlo Esposito, best known for his standout roles in critically-acclaimed series Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, The Mandalorian and The Boys. Other featured events included the Video Game Brawl, Build Your Own Light Saber, Build Your Own Blue Hen and a trip to Medieval Times. 
The assets below include digital and printed graphics to promote the week, and individual events. These assets include posters, floor clings, digital graphics for TV screens and Instagram, t-shirts, "passports" to track event participation and earn prizes, and a photo backdrop. Additionally, I photographed our mascot YoUDee posing with a "lightsaber" to be used in various graphics.

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