The Involvement Fair is traditionally an enormous in-person event, where our 350+ registered student organizations (RSOs) set up tables across our central campus green space to promote and recruit new students. It's a pivotal campus event for students to get involved, build connections and make friends.
For the 2020-21 academic year, the Involvement fair was shifted to a virtual space due to the ongoing pandemic. An Involvement Fair 2.0 Hub was built as the gateway for the event, providing students with a one-of-a-kind digital experience. Students could view more than 200 one-minute promotional videos for participating organizations, grouped by interest. Students were then able to connect directly with leaders and members of each group through individual Zoom links, and could also sign up through the organizations' web portal to become a member. In Fall 2021, the Fair was held in-person once more, but a virtual component was also held.
The following videos were recorded, produced and narrated by members of The Egg multimedia team, Nikai Morales and Kate Zincone, to help students navigate the online Involvement Fair portal.
Fall 2020 Involvement Fair How To
Spring 2021 Involvement Fair How To
Fall 2021 Involvement Fair How To

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