This webpage was created so that RSOs could easily view all of their options for content creation or advertising their own content. When COVID hit, many advertising efforts were moved virtually, so this site highlights all the virtual advertising as well as now in-person options for groups to advertise their club or event. The concept was the Hero's Journey, as ideas moved from the creation to advertising stage, and Lindsay Marrione created amazing illustrations to represent the journey as an Egg moves through the stages to become a chick, hatching new ideas. Photos by Sarah Boekholder allowed us to display the options for digital advertising, such as our LED screens outside student centers and digital screens in highly trafficked areas inside the student centers. 

We advertise our prices for different services, as well as lay out the steps required for different services. By linking our Egg Portfolio, interested groups can view previous content we have created for other groups and events.
Senior Project Presentation

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