This project was created in order to get a more centralized calendar for student events across campus. I worked with BHLP, the UD Programming Board, and Student Centers Programmers. Throughout this I was able to promote more events and create more visibility for those organizations and students involved. 
The main challenges of this project was getting all of the schedules coordinated so late in the semester, and trying to find engaging times for the event information to be posted. 
My recommendation for next year is to create relationships with the major event RSO's and keep up to date with events they have planned. This way they can increase their audience and attendance at each event because they are being marketed on a bigger platform. 

A screenshot of the calendar I made. It has been color coded by event and in chronological order. This helped me to see what event was taking place and How I could promote it. 

I also worked with stories to promote the events and gain more engagement on the Student Events Instagram. Stories receive the most engagement when they are posted first thing in the morning and if they are more appealing to look at.

In order for Student Events to get more engagement on posts, they need to focus on their stories as well as creating carousel posts for the IG feed.

My suggestions on how to improve event marketing and engagement:
Create a weekly calendar to utilize in posts, stories, and newsletter
Move away from Facebook as it draws more alumni and employees than current students
Help create more of a following on Student Events- have members of The Egg hold kiosks with free giveaways so people are incentivized to follow our Instagram
Stay in constant contact with the Admin or Marketing position for The Crew so events can stay up to date
Stay in contact with the major RSO’s (SGA, RSA, CPAB, E-52, HTAC, and UDance) to see what events they have planned​​​​​​​
Senior Project Presentation

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